Bipolar Disorder Treatment – Everything You Should Know

Symptoms may include feelings of hopelessness, wanting to sleep all the time, irritability, inability to concentrate, suicide. You might even lose your job because of these.

No more agreeing to do something you hate because of your partner. No more fighting over who is going to do this or who forgot to do that, or the big one – who’s right and who’s wrong.

Our family was sitting toward the back of the crowd, but we kids didn’t mind. We were ready to eat, not hear someone talk about his brother, no matter how famous they both were. The microphones carried the voices of the people in front, though, and we heard someone ask the famous man to make his speech.

A – Some of your articles touch on obscure, topics of awareness such as Zoo sadism and local events around your area in Kerrville, Texas – and most importantly, you open about very real experiences. What do you find most fun and most difficult to write about?

People who suffer from depression and crazy tend to be very creative people as well. I am currently enrolled in college and have found that when I am manic my work tends to be better than when I feel “normal.” There are two other women that are in two of my classes that also suffer from depression and crazy and they have some of the same experiences with creativity as I do. I know that for me, when my mind is racing, and I put pen to paper I can come up with some amazing work. By doing assignments or just free-writing, we can let go of much that is going on inside. So always remember that any creative work can be very therapeutic.

Drugs and alcohol may only be a small concern. They may partake of illegal drugs or alcohol, but it is in more of a social way and there’s no obvious evidence of it as being a problem.

That does not mean that this is how things must go- it’s just the way they normally go because people don’t educate themselves enough on the Disorder and how to manage it.