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Various Beneficial Effects of Using the THC Snow Strain

You can actually find THC which is white as snow which falls through the form of flawless crystals like it came from the sky. Such strain is actually a hybrid between the Big Bud, THC Bomb and the White Russian. It is in fact a combination from strains that are multi-awarded, massive producer and a very strong strain. The characteristics of such strains are packed together to a stunning new hybrid which is the THC snow.

Aroma and Effects

A strain like this is made from 40% Sativa and 60% Indica genetic. It comes with a punchiest citrus-spiked fuel aroma and a smoke which is smooth and have a mild hint of spice. The high effects that it gives is much faster and harder, which in fact is sedating but this comes with uplifting cerebral sparks.

Medical Uses

THC snow is mostly being used in the medical field for treating muscle pains, reducing anxiety and stress and helps with insomnia. If you are going to use it for recreation, it’s best that you use it at night and at home only where you are doing little than using this outside and at parties.

Growing the THC Snow

THC snow is actually nothing short than a dream come true. This kind of plant is gorgeous and has dark leaves which is able to contract beautifully with a frosting of the THC trichomes which in fact is heavy on supply. Regardless of how much you are producing, THC concentrations are high and you would find that even a little could go a long way. It is able to rarely measure lower than 21% but can hit closer to 28%. If in case you wish to acquire quality snow strains, you must get it from a dispensary that’s licensed and reputable.

This kind of strain likewise comes with an earthy, citrus laden aroma that could be found on its taste. Its adventurous earthy flavor is also being complemented by its flowery and nutty sweetness and have a sweet lemon aftertaste. The smoke also is smooth and thick and it also carries a citrusy flavor.

Snow white such as the fairytale is both fun and helpful. It can create a pleasant and soothing body buzz and this also gives a mellow head high. It can induce relaxing feelings such as elation, hunger, happiness and creativity, which is why it is perfect for a recreational use. The high feeling that it actually has can last for about 2 hours and this also leaves a friendly and tingling sensation.

It is however recommended that you buy the THC snow strain from a reputable and licensed dispensary to get assurance on quality and effectiveness.

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