My Life With Bipolar Disorder

But that’s not what I’m talking about. The kind of depression I’m talking about is a physical disease that happens to profoundly affect out emotions. It also usually winds up giving physical symptoms, such as headaches, insomnia, digestive troubles and skin problems.

You should also consider re-thinking the way you are looking at your situation. Take a minute and look at the situation from a different perspective. While you may be thinking of it as the end of the world, another person may look at it differently.

Shut off your Tv! Many people become depressed from sitting in front of the television for hours on end. You are watching lies over and over, and if you start comparing your life to what you are watching, you are sure to become depressed. Even too much news can lead to depression.

Depression is the state of feeling sad. In bipolar people, however, this feeling can be so strong that it can cause inactivity, difficulty in thought or concentrating, and it can seriously disrupt everyday activities. When I hit my depressed state I do not want to get out of bed and i cry almost the whole time. When the depressive side of depression and crazy sets in, just be supportive and caring.

Step up in your work place and work smarter and harder. The easy part of working is showing up and doing what you are told. You will find reward by going the extra-mile in everything that you do instead of doing only what is expected.

Drugs and alcohol may only be a small concern. They may partake of illegal drugs or alcohol, but it is in more of a social way and there’s no obvious evidence of it as being a problem.

A – Some of your articles touch on obscure, topics of awareness such as Zoosadism and local events around your area in Kerrville, Texas – and most importantly, you open up about very real experiences. What do you find most fun and most difficult to write about?

Sarah and Jack are a married couple. Sarah is Bipolar. The two share a healthy, loving, attentive relationship while she is well. She loves Jack with all of her heart. A Bipolar unwell period warps the perception of Sarah. Her mind starts feeding her misinformation about the world and her life around her.