Overwhelmed by the Complexity of Rentals? This May Help

Tips for Choosing a Good Apartment

Moving to a new home can be fun and draining both at once. Of course, you’ll want it to be perfect, or why bother moving in the first place? But as you might imagine, there are a few crucial issues to be considered as you go looking for your dream apartment.


Location is probably the most important consideration when choosing an apartment. For practicality, the place should be within a reasonable distance from your workplace or your kids’ school, or at least, you shouldn’t have a problem taking public transportation. Remember though that apartment listings usually exaggerate distances to important establishments, like shopping centers, hospitals, and the like. To be sure, you can track the distance yourself using your GPS.


Apartments can have various layouts, even if they were all in the same complex or have exactly the same size. If you need a home office, make sure there will be space that you can dedicate to that. If you’re one to host parties or gatherings, choose an apartment with enough space for an your entertainment area.


When you take a look at a property, take notes of the details. Does it need a paint job? What about the fixtures in the bathroom? You may want to take pictures as well. Concerning the damages, the landlord should be taking notes too.


For obvious reasons, you’ll want an apartment that has all the amenities you need , like additional parking areas, gym, massage services, and so on. Ask about building costs and pet fees as well, along with maintenance, Internet and cable services. These may all seem like small details, but they do add up.

Your Finances

Don’t decide on an apartment unless you’ve made comparisons with similar properties in the neighborhood, especially in terms of the price. If it has a higher price than the others, what amenities make it a worthwhile choice? Ask yourself if the property is something you can afford, and answer as honestly as you can. Don’t forget to include your other monthly expenses when considering the cost. If you’re short, adding a roommate could help.

Lease Contract

As soon as you’ve found an apartment you want, be sure to read the fine print on your lease contract, which should cover all the crucial points like amenities, additional fees, lease term and monthly payments, previous damages, and the rest. What happens if you beak the lease? Are you allowed to sublet the place while you’re away? These are questions you need answers to before signing any documents.

Overwhelmed by the Complexity of Rentals? This May Help

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