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Electronics are very important in our lives. Our lives are made batter by electronics. These electronics are great at taking eliminating boredom and boosting our moods. By using electronics, we enjoy a host of benefits. Electronics are of different types and proper care would ensure they are useable for a long time. For some electronic, however, they fail prior to attaining their full useful life.

Apart from being an inconvenience, electronic failure can have a serious effect on the environment, as well as the public. The good thing is that failure may be prevented way before the product goes to the market. That can be achieved by carrying out electronic failure analysis. In failure analysis, analysts perform a comprehensive investigation into what caused the failure. A failed electronic is used and engineers use various techniques and tests methods to evaluate and identify the root cause of the failure.

Once the root cause of the problem has been identified, engineers use several steps to modify and redesign the device to prevent similar failures in the future. To the manufacturer, failure analysis helps to prevent disappointment for the consumer, as well as prevent damage to the brand reputation. Also, electronic failure analysis helps the manufacturer to improve the safety and quality of the electronic and prevent future failures.

On the other hand, PCBs have become essential components for electronics nowadays. You will find almost all modern electronics to have PCBs. The printed circuit board must perform its function and still support the bigger electronic. For maximum performance, however, manufacturers have set systems in place that test and monitor each component for them to meet the set standard. A semiconductor failure analysis is normally used to test the cause of failure for semiconductors.

To know the root cause of a failure various techniques, processes, and tools are used. With accuracy, they find out the reason for the failure of the device and how to avoid such failures in the future. Various tests are usually carried out in electronic failure analysis lab. For instance, they will determine whether there is increased density, hazardous material, recycling requirements, and whether the PCBs need to be tuned to precise values.

Also, manufacturers will carry out several PCB tests. One such test is the micro-sectioning analysis which is also known as cross-sectioning. This PCB testing method investigate several things such as component defects, thermo-mechanical failures, and opens and shorts. Among other tests include solder reflow that leads to processes failure and raw material evaluations.

Electronic failure analysis has benefits to the consumer and the manufacturer. First, consumers receive quality and safe products. For the manufacturers, their brand reputation is protected for supplying quality devices.

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